Your Wedding

You’re planning your Wedding!

Congratulations! on your wedding; much to consider. I am sure you will feel the list is endless and can be overwhelming.  At some point, though, you will be happy with your planning, having set your budget, thought through the venue, the style and theme of your wedding and what you will be wearing !!

Even though there are hundreds of other big and little things to do, don’t forget one really important element as your CEREMONY!  This is the day you make your vows and promises and share your love and joy. So, it should be just as unique and special as you are! As you’ve chosen me? Celebrant to create your unique ceremony and lead these special moments; it will be unforgettable!!

As your Celebrant, I can create exciting, memorable Wedding ceremonies for every couple, adding lots of personal, quirky or traditional touches  –  some of which I will explain here:

This beautiful little ceremony at a wedding is full of meaning and is always a surprise for the guests. It allows them to take part in your ceremony right from the beginning.  The rings can be in a pouch, on a ring cushion, in a glass ring box: or safely tied onto a ring dish and are passed between each of your guests.  I invite everyone to hold the rings for a few seconds and warm them with their wishes or prayers for your future, health and happiness, and all that is good in life.   It is a lovely,  touching ceremony that allows you to include all of your guests before you actually exchange the rings and wear them when they have been warmed with the love and support of your family and friends.  If you wish, you can add a small explanatory note on the seats or in your Order of Ceremony, which is what one of my couples did for their guests.

The Hand Fasting Ceremony at Weddings


This wedding tradition is what was meant by “tying the knot” – cords, ribbons, or even sashes would be tied around the couple’s joined hands; as you can see from the photo, our lovely royal couple did this in Church at their wedding day.

A modern hand-fasting can have cords created in the colours of your wedding theme, the tartans of your clans, and can have charms attached that signify fertility, fidelity and commitment. The cord colours also have their own special meaning, which is also something to consider. Many couples will choose to use fabric with significant meaning – such as a piece of lace from their mother or grandmother’s gown or a piece of tartan. The ceremony is specially written, can include many cords or ribbons bound by family members and guests, and might last around 20 minutes.

Jumping the Broom

This tradition is rooted in different cultures and, depending on which it is, does hold different meanings. In England, it is used as a symbol of sweeping away the old and preparing for the new and the threshing floor. It is also said that the fastest over the broom will “wear the trousers ” at the wedding. It is jumped together and hand in hand and is often chosen after a Handfasting by couples!  The brooms can be decorated in the colours of your wedding theme and kept as a souvenir afterwards!

The Sand Ceremony 

The Sand Ceremony at a wedding is very popular as it has a lovely symbolic context – once the grains of sand from each vial pour into the central vessel, those grains cannot be separated! So if you wish to include your children or family members in the Ceremony, that can be incorporated too! The Sand Ceremony also works well with coloured sands that match your wedding theme and also allows more than two colours. A lovely way to blend two families!

The Rose Wedding Ceremony

Valentine’s Day to weddings is all about love. This is a lovely Ceremony and very simple – it involves the Couple giving a single Red Rose to each other as the first gift in their marriage. However, like many ceremonies, it can also be adapted, and I love the idea of a Surprise Rose Giving or a rose or even a rose plant which means before the ceremony starts but after the introductions and welcome, the couple give a single Rose, to their mothers, or new mothers in law!  How sweet is that!  I recently read about each guest holding a rose; the roses can be given or taken by the bride and become her bouquet as she reaches her partner!  Romantic?  You bet!!!

The Unity Candle at a Wedding Ceremony

It is a beautiful and poignant part of a wedding ceremony for the couple as they each light a taper and then light their candle together. Again, the ceremony symbolises two becoming one, two hearts, two families, and two people.

The candles can be large or small, engraved with vows or the couple’s name and wedding date.  Various candle holders and some beautifully embellished candles will look stunning during the ceremony.


Wedding Hand or Foot Washing

glass bowl filled with water and petals ready for a hand washing ceremony at a wedding
Hand Washing Bowl with Rose Water and Petals for the Ceremony

One of the new  Wedding customs seems to be gaining popularity as the symbolism is very tender and nurturing. The Washing of each other’s hands or feet ( or maybe not) is about clearing and cleaning away the past, past choices, and past mistakes and creating a new present from which to go together.

It’s also about care and vulnerability and accepting the role of the carer in the relationship. It can also be seen to be about forgiveness and how important it is to love with an open heart. So, all in all, a beautiful, tender and romantic moment.

Wedding Wine Blending /Bridal cup

I love the idea of a ritual that blends two distinct or different elements. In a wine blending or whiskey, there’s the chance to demonstrate how the two wines made from the same fruit have their taste and qualities. Like marriage,  they may be sweet and sometimes a little bitter. The blended wine creates a new flavour to reflect on and enjoy.

The Silver Bridal Cup/ loving cup is unique in allowing two people to sip from it simultaneously. Anything can go in the loving cup.  Again every symbolic moment is written by me to reflect their relationship and personality. No two ceremonies are ever the same.

Many more possible ideas for your wedding can add to any couple’s magical day. Having their origins in different cultures, but with respect and sensitivity, they can also be adapted and customised. You can also adapt this Symbolic Ceremony into a Spice Blending. Choosing different spices and layering these up to form a similar pattern.  The meanings again will be about what qualities you will bring into your marriage. heat, warmth, bitter, sweet…. you can make it what you will!  One I found on the internet was about seven spices that were harmonious together: Salt – Balance in life, work and home   –Rosemary – Remembrance, Love and Fidelity –Nutmeg – Romance- Poppyseed – Courage, Strength and Prosperity Paprika – Passion Lavender – Calm in the face of difficulty. Mustard Seed – Wisdom and Long Life

If you have found any more customs, do let me know. I offer a free no, obligation discovery call about your wedding day.