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7 day Wedding Ceremony | A 7 day Creation! Anything is possible is definitely the key phrase, so when Meryl (The Bride) sent a desperate plea for help, after finding me on the Celebrants Directory (needing a Celebrant in less than 7 days after a necessary change of venue.

The Austins  

I quickly checked the diary, and I knew I could help, so off went a quick email saying yes, I could help, and there would be no late notice impact on the fee. So many people choose their celebrants based on price, but it should be about having a good connection with someone you trust.

The reply email arrived pretty quickly, booking me, so I sent off the paperwork and suggested a zoom meeting or phone call as soon as possible.

The 7 day Wedding Ceremony Creation

The contract came back almost by return with full payment. I now looked up the venue. I’d known it was in central London but Dartmouth House in Mayfair looked absolutely magical dartmouthhouse.

My journey there (I always plan carefully in advance as I can’t risk any delays) would be a lovely bonus. I could leave the carat my Son’s Flat in Greenwich. Travel by the high-speed clipper boat up to Westminster and have a lovely walk to arrive in a relaxed frame of mind.

7 day Wedding Creation
A great way to see London via the River Thames

Thursday night

It was Thursday night before the wedding before Meryl and Tomas were free for a zoom conversation. So my usual paperwork had gone out the window (I usually send some questions to the couple that, together with a meeting. Help me ensure they have exactly the ceremony they want), so the trusty notepad and pen came into action.

It turned out their previous venue had lost its license, and although Dartmouth House could provide a lovely licensed venue at the last minute. The Registrar could not move to the new venue because of authority boundaries and no issues for a celebrant. The couple could complete the legalities separately from the ceremony, which is normal in other countries.


For Meryl, who planned this unforgettable day as their perfect wedding, it was essential to have her father walk her down the aisle before returning home to Doha. They shared many of their hopes and dreams for their future, including how they would like their ceremony to happen.

I briefly outlined some ideas for the Ceremony, and we created a plan that fitted their ideas. Assuring this lovely couple, I would be there every step of the way and not hesitate to call me or email me with any last information or ideas. We ended our lovely chat.

It felt like they were putting a lot of trust in me to create something so crucial for their perfect day in such a short time. A few hours later, an email arrived with a request to look for a reading that reflected their passions for teaching and inspiring young adults. And a little research yielded a very appropriate text. So after many hours of work crafting this creative service, it all seems to be coming together.

Sunday morning

Sunday morning travelling down the River Thames has to be the best way to see the beautiful city of London, with the unique skyline of Canary Wharf.

The imposing Tower Bridge

  • the Tower of London and
  • HMS Belfast,
  • the Dome of St Pauls,
  • The Shard,

and many other iconic buildings make London a remarkable and vibrant city.

I walked up from Embankment to Charing Cross and hopped in a taxi, arriving in good time at Dartmouth House. This was important, as I’d been unable to go and see the venue beforehand and wanted to gain a feel for it. The fantastic team from MiraWeddings was decorating and laying out the dining room and the room where the Ceremony was going to happen.

With an eye for detail and precision, they worked quickly with the venue’s wedding coordinator. While this was going on, Tomas and Meryl were off having some beautiful photos taken.

A videographer from Diva was also filming this memorable day, and it was fabulous to see a short clip on Instagram that day.

7 day Wedding Creation
That look of love that warms the heart and says it all

So no rehearsal, just straight into the ceremony, using some of my 21 years of experience to ensure there would be no hiccups, gently whispering some guidance when things need to happen. But knowing the spontaneity would bring a special feeling to this moment. With their select group of friends and family, I looked on as Meryl’s father proudly walked his daughter down the aisle. Watching the couple meet in the room in front of a flowered arch as Tomas waited for his beautiful life partner was a privilege.

The Ceremony

The Ceremony had much joy, laughter, and grace without any unforeseen incidents. Afterward, I was privileged to introduce the New Mr. and Mrs. Austin to those gathered.

Meryl and Tomas

Meryl and Tomas walked out with the bridal party, and some drinks were shared. There was time for a little selfie with the couple and a little mingling with their families and friends who had travelled near and far. And of course, the obligatory glass of bubbles to toast the couple.

It was lovely to hear some of the positive comments after all the challenges of this last-minute ceremony. And those made by Meryl on Instagram were especially touching. It was such a privilege to help such an exceptional couple create lasting memories.

For their 7 day Wedding Creation.

7 day Wedding Creation

For me, as a Celebrant, there is something so magical about helping couples create their dreams, even in 7 day Wedding Creation or less contact me for a free chat


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