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Have you been hearing about sequel weddings and wondering what they are? Well, I’m here to answer that question today. It’s a large celebration, blessing or ceremony that a couple has after a much smaller intimate wedding ceremony.

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Sequel weddings are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. They are being promoted by many celebrants and the momentum is gaining fast. In this time of the pandemic or overseas wedding, a sequel could be the answer to your wedding being postponed or disrupted.

Sequel weddings have however been popular long before the pandemic. If you’re interested in knowing why and learning more about sequel weddings, read the paragraphs below.

Why You Should Have A Sequel Wedding

There are lots of reasons why a sequel wedding might be what you need. The following are some of them:

  • You had your wedding postponed because of the pandemic.
  • This is your second wedding and you want the serious aspects to be basic. You can have a big party to celebrate with your loved ones later.
  • To fulfil visa requirements quickly and celebrate with your loved ones much later.
  • You’re having a destination wedding and want the legal aspects out of the way first.
  • You had your legal ceremony outside the UK but also want to celebrate with your loved ones.

Whichever your reason, sequel weddings can be fun. As I mentioned earlier, it is split into a small wedding and a big one.

Your small wedding could be any of the following:

Sequel Wedding

  • A Basic No Frills 2+2 Civil Ceremony or A Minimony

This is a short ceremony that includes all the legal elements that make up a marriage. The only people in attendance can be yourselves, the registrar and your two witnesses. It is very inexpensive and only needs the declaration, contracting words and a ring exchange which is optional.

  • Micro, Mini or Zoom Online Wedding

This is a small kind of wedding with less than 50 people in attendance.  The atmosphere is very intimate and if you meet the specifications of the law, you can make it legally binding.

  • An Elopement

Elopements are no longer the taboo they once were. You could sneak away for a secret wedding and announce to your guests later at the sequel wedding. You could also tell them prior to your wedding.

All of the above are the ways you can have the smaller part of your sequel wedding.

Who Has A Sequel Wedding?

Like I mentioned earlier, sequel weddings are not a new concept. There are many cultures that have sequel weddings rooted in their traditions. Many celebrities also choose to go this route. A popular one you probably know of is George Clooney. He had a city hall wedding in Venice, a high-profile wedding two days later and another big reception here in the UK.What is a Sequel Wedding, Wedding Celebrant

Many regular people also have sequel weddings too. They sometimes manifest as weekend long wedding celebrations and are growing in popularity in the UK. Couples can bring their loved ones together for a fulfilled weekend of camping and celebration. At these celebrations, a celebrant can hold your ceremony whether your venue is legal or not.

ç are also great for people getting married the second time. At your first wedding, your expectations are high and you often have a lot to prove. A second wedding does not have the same dynamics so a sequel wedding works just fine. You can keep it simple and relaxed with only those most special to you. Some second brides prefer this course of action.

Advantages of A Sequel Wedding

There are many benefits that having a sequel wedding brings:

  • As a result of COVID-19, couples have had to have small basic legal ceremonies. With a sequel wedding, they can freely plan a bigger ceremony with their loved ones later.
  • As a modern couple, you can shake things up a bit with a sequel wedding. Your intimate celebration could just the way you want it while you stick to traditions that please family at the bigger one. It’s a great way to put your stamp on your day.
  • A sequel wedding gives you opportunities for personalisation. Since you have the legal aspects out of the way, you can have whatever kind of wedding you please. The ceremony after will have no legal restrictions.
  • The options you have when it comes to a sequel wedding are endless. It’s your day and you can plan it however you want. Just remember to enlist the services of a celebrant who is awesome and understanding (Hopefully me). They should also have a style that fits your wedding vision.

To Sum Things Up

Sequel weddings are weddings made up of two stages. The first is usually the legal one followed by the sequel at a much later date. Having a minimony first in these trying times and planning your sequel for when it’s safer is a good idea. You deserve to have a wedding where you’re surrounded by your loved ones as you say your vows. Best of luck!!!

If you’re planning a sequel wedding here in the UK, you should talk to me. Here at Special Moments Celebrants I would love a chance to play my part. I believe that all weddings should be about the couple and together we can make your dream wedding a reality. Give me a call on 07838921491 or send me an email at clive@specialmomentscelebrant.co.uk.

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