Memories of Your Loved One

Memories of Your Loved One

Memories of Your Loved One,Funeral Douglas CremWe all react to grief differently, especially when dealing with the Memories of Your Loved Ones. Our coping strategies are also often different. One important fact, however, is that you have to find a healthy outlet for your suffering. This is much better than engaging in behaviour that is destructive. 

Did you know that many people find that writing is an effective way to process their Grief? The way it works is quite simple. Writing can get those thoughts out of your head and unto paper. They’ll be somewhat more manageable for you to work through when on paper. Memories of Your Loved One

How you handle what you’ve written after is entirely up to you. You could choose to keep it very private, as some people do. You could also choose to share it. Some people share these thoughts and memories as a tribute to their loved ones. It can be beneficial. 

It’s been challenging in recent years for everyone due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Some of us have lost dear ones, and these are very trying times. Please accept our condolences. We also want you to know you are not alone in this trying time. 

Here at Special Moments, we believe in celebrating the lives of those that have been lost. It’s the reason why we started our tribute wall. We wanted to give people a safe space to share their words and leave a lasting tribute to their loved ones. 

Our tribute wall is a special place to share words about or for a special loved one. The format and details of what you share are entirely up to you. All we ask is that you don’t write anything offensive or disrespectful. Here are some great suggestions for sharing things on our tribute wall. 

  • Dear Memories of Your Loved One

Memories of Your Loved One Children at FuneralYou could write down everything you remember about that dear person. How did they look? Did they have any funny habits? How did they act? What were your favourite things about them? What are the things they did that made you proud? How about the things you did together? Did you both have any unique traditions? And most of all, what do you miss the most about them? 

  • A Story About Them

Memories of Your Loved One: What unforgettable memory stands out? It could be an exciting day with a funny story. Or perhaps you went on holiday with them and had an adventure you enjoyed. You could put down as much as you remember of this memorable experience. 

  • A Special Story They Shared with You

Can you remember a beautiful story your loved one liked to tell? It could even be a joke that they were fond of. Or maybe they had an unusual childhood or visited somewhere exotic when young. You could talk about that. 

  • A Biography Memory of Your Loved One

Share insights into who yMemories of Your Loved Oneour loved one was. Where did they come from? What is the impact they had on the people around them? You can also talk about their most outstanding achievements. The more you share these unique details, the better placed you’ll be to process your feelings. 

  • Poetry Inspired by Your Loved One’s Memories

Not everyone has a gift, but it counts for something even when you don’t. Put down a poem inspired by your loved one. It could be about who they were. You could also talk about what they loved or their relationship with you. Please do your best to rhyme while at it, and voila! It’s a lovely tribute expressing how you feel. 

Grief is not easy when thinking of Memories of Your Loved One, but you can get to the point where it becomes easier to live with. Some of the steps listed above will eventually help you arrive at a better state of mind. Please remember that I am here to help in any way that I can. Stay safe!!!

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