A Short Letter on Funerals

A Short Letter on Funerals from Clive

Working with Funeral Directors

Here at Special Moments Celebrants, I like to look at funerals as a life celebration. I may not be an expert at funerals, but with my 20+ years of experience, I have a wealth of knowledge to share. One of the things that amaze me about funerals are the many different customs and traditions. I am also very fascinated at the many changes that have happened to them over the years.

For example, many years ago, children were excluded from funerals. People believed that it wasn’t a place for young folks. Thankfully, things have changed. People now see funerals as a life celebration, and things are a lot less dim this way. 

Celebrate life 

It isn’t always that way, however. Sometimes a family sets out to celebrate the life of their loved ones, but it turns out to be too hard. There are barely any laughs, no discussion of high points and no mentioning of the achievements of the deceased. 

Other families are the exact opposite. They have fun, laughs, videos, music and lots more. It’s a real party and a life celebration for them. I often say to people that everything is fine as long as it reflects on the person’s life. Where others would shake their head, I join in.  Most Crematoriums can facilitate video links or projection systems.

Funeral Customs

There are many customs, rituals and activities that make funerals what they are. Many different people live different kinds of lives so how their families celebrate them is different. How you live your life is what counts and the way your family chooses to celebrate that is up to them too. Below are some of the kinds if funerals that I am aware of so far: 





Eastern Orthodox









Funeral Customs

All of these kinds of funerals have their protocols, customs and rites. These affect everything from the cleaning to the dressing of your loved ones. They also affect how the funeral service is held and the memorial event too. Many families choose to go with these structures because they are recognised and offer guidance to grieving survivors. 

Here at Special Moments celebrant, I’ll help you through it all. I completely understand how the structure that religionious or non religious ceromeny  provides helps when it comes to dealing with death. Most of all, I want everyone to know that it won’t be easy. There is, however, a kind of satisfaction and happiness that comes with achieving a challenging goal. I will do my best to be there for you.  


Here at Special Moments Celebrant, I am open to working with people of all races, orientations, genders, ages, sizes, identities, lifestyles, and cultures. If you’re looking for a Celebrant who will take your wishes into account and help you through this trying time, I am the guy for you. I also handle weddings, renewal of vows and baby naming. Contact me today! Clive