Working with Funeral Directors

In the past, when people thought of funerals, they pictured sad events where everyone wore black and looked solemn. There were set templates, and every family, either mourning or celebrating a life well spent, stuck to it. However, we are now increasingly seeing a move away from these traditions here in the UK. that is whereas your Funeral Minister  and Celebrant

Working in the funeral industry, I have noticed people tend to go for a funeral that reflects the life of the person who has passed. They show this in many ways. Some of them include choosing a coffin that is unique or choosing a special location for the funeral service. This goes a long way to make the funeral more memorable. Loved ones get a chance to say their goodbyes at a genuine event that doesn’t seem like a rehearsed mock-up. The funeral services are more personal.

If you ask me, these are the best kind of funerals, and they help everyone healthily process their grief. Here at Special Moments Celebrant, I constantly look for good funeral ideas. The goal is to find one that will make the funeral planning process less strenuous for the families who contact me. In this article,  as a Working with Funeral directors look at how funerals in the UK are changing to become more memorable and unique.

Incorporating Various Beliefs

For the longest time, funerals were restricted to the usual options of a church service or a cremation. Sometimes, they were both. But now, there are so many other alternatives. You’ll find lots of funerals that better reflect a person’s beliefs and their lives prior. Some of them include burials at sea, humanist funerals, woodland or green burials and so much more.

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A Lot More Venue Options

No longer do people have to opt for a funeral in a church or crematorium when that does not represent their loved one. In the past, that was all that was available when it came to places where a funeral could be held. A variety of venue options are now also open along with this new change: a historic building, a garden, the countryside or even a hotel or cricket club. A funeral can happen wherever and whenever. I’ve seen some lovely natural options like a barn too. As long as the grieving loved ones are okay with it, the funeral can take place there. If the departed had any wishes on where they would like the service to be held, it could also come into play here.

Coffin ChoicesMinister and Funeral Celebrant

The environment is playing a serious role when it comes to choosing coffins in recent times. A more significant number of people are choosing to go for an eco-friendly option. This also represents the theme of returning to nature a lot better alongside protecting the environment. Coffins are now being made out of wicker, bamboo, wool, seagrass and even cardboards. They are also coming with designs that represent the departed loved one. When it comes to coffin designs, anything is possible as long as it celebrates your loved one’s life. The wishes of the person who dies are also often taken into serious consideration, I even witness a teenager decorating her own coffin as part of a journey are a long fight with cancer.

A Celebrant Led Funeral

Another way that funerals have changed over time is in the use of celebrants. A celebrant led funeral is a more personalised departure from the old way of doing things. As a Funeral celebrant is more open to learning about the life of the departed and then incorporating it into the ceremony. That way, family and loved ones can better relate to the funeral process. This could aid in the grieving process, making it easier for them to connect. Having a stoic preacher drone memorised words that are nearly meaningless at a graveside doesn’t quite cut it anymore. With a celebrant, you get a service better crafted with the departed and grieving family in mind.


Working with Funeral Directors

Working with Funeral Directors

Funerals here in the UK have changed over the years and become more personalised. They now reflect the lives and times past of the departed in a way their loved ones can relate with. Minister and Funeral Celebrant, I do my best to personalise every funeral I handle in the same way. I make sure that the ceremony represents the wishes of the departed and their loved ones. Only in this way can it be a memorable experience for all involved; this happens by working with the funeral director.

Do you need the services of a funeral celebrant here in the UK? Here at Special Moments Celebrant, I understand that planning a loved one’s funeral can be tasking. It’s why I offer my unconditional support to everyone I work with to ensure that it is a success. I am also available for advice and support during this process and Working with Funeral Directors Are you wondering how to get started? Then it would be best if you reached out. I’d love to help you begin the journey of creating a memorable funeral for your departed loved one. Contact me today! or call 07838921491

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