What Are My Options If I Can’t Find A Registrar?

What Are My Options If I Can't Find A Registrar?
What Are My Options If I Can’t Find A Registrar? Many weddings have been postponed in recent years in the UK. That means that registrars have a backlog of legal marriage registrations right now, making them next to impossible to get.

If you’ve had to reschedule your wedding and are trying to set a new date but can’t find a registrar who is uncommitted, you’re probably worried. This is only to be expected because so many questions will be running through your mind. So, what’s the next step for you? Will you have to reschedule your entire celebration again? As a Celebrant handling weddings in London and Essex, I thought I should answer these and share a few more tips. I have a specialism in creating Ceremonies that are sequel and last-minute ceremonies.

What Are Your Options If I Can’t Find A Registrar Available for My Rescheduled Wedding?

If you’re in London and Essex and have had to reschedule your wedding or want a celebrant, my heart goes out to you. It can’t have been easy to decide, but I’m glad you dared to look to the future. You can look forward to a safer and better wedding because you’ve had more time to plan.

One of the ways that you can make things less stressful for you is by working with your vendors. They’ll help you come up with a date that works for everyone, and you can go from there. However, there’s a snag you might encounter; Local Authorities are struggling to meet the demands of Registrars presently.

Finding a Registrar available for your date may be next to impossible. Many are discovering that Registrars will be high in demand. They’ll be so many new weddings and rescheduled weddings like yours for them to handle.

The Celebrant Option

What Are My Options If I Can't Find A Registrar?

Wedding Celebrant

A Celebrant could be the answer to the question above. Celebrants will give your ceremony so much flexibility and reflect both of you and can be available for as long as you want. They’ll also be able to work with your time because most Celebrants take only one wedding in a day. Registers will be doing multiple weddings; you must know that a Celebrant is a viable option for your wedding in a time like this.

The Difference Between A Registrar and A Celebrant

The significant difference between a Registrar and a Celebrant is the legal aspect. Registrars work for the Local Authority and are licensed to register marriages. They are authorised to conduct binding marriage ceremonies at a registered venue or the Register offices. They have a legally prepared script that they follow at weddings.

Celebrants, on the other hand, are self-employed. That means that they can develop a unique script written from the start for your wedding. It also means that your speech and vows will be fantastic for your wedding. Please note that in England and Wales, a Celebrant ceremony is not legally binding.

What is a Sequel Wedding, Wedding Celebrant

It’s a large celebration, blessing or ceremony that a couple has after a much smaller intimate wedding ceremony.

So How Do We Complete the Legal Part If We Work with A Celebrant?

For your wedding to be recognised in England and Wales, you’ll need to do the legal administration at a local Register Office. This is ideally done before your ceremony. You only need to attend this quick and straightforward process with two witnesses, say the words, and sign the register. at the cost of £46  plus £11 for Cert)  2022). All the meaningful and memorable parts can be left for your Celebrant-led ceremony later.

If it turns out that you cannot have this legal part before your ceremony, you can book it for afterwards. Your Celebrant will, however, have to word your script carefully.

Is a Celebrant-Led Ceremony Different from One with A Registrar?

The answer is yes. Your Celebrant will spend a lot of time getting to know you and listen to your ideas for your wedding. They will then take what they have learned and craft a personalised ceremony representing you and your partner. Your Celebrant will also have many lovely ideas you can incorporate into your celebration. There are no rules where this is concerned, and you are not restricted to a choice of venues.

Will a Celebrant-Led Wedding Ceremony Feel Less Real?

No, it won’t! All the elements needed to make it unique will include your vows and ring exchange. Your Celebrant will also deliver a thoughtful and full of love ceremony, leaving your guests very impressed. They won’t even realise that it’s not a legal ceremony. So what do you say?

Here at Special Moments Celebrant, I would be delighted to help you handle your wedding ceremony in these trying times. I take my time to know every couple I work with and offer advice to make things easier. Contact me for a free chat and let’s discuss your wedding. I’d love to hear from you.

Wedding Celebrant

What Are My Options If I Can’t Find A Registrar?