End of Life Celebrations

First and foremost, if you are seeking a Funeral Celebrant in Southend. I will make the unfortunate assumption that you have recently lost someone close to you, and therefore would like to offer my sincere condolences to you and your family.

Celebrating the life of a loved one we can’t bear to say goodbye to is one of life’s tragedies. And yet we have to face up to the certainty that this happens to each and every one of us. 

As the relationship of the person we love changes from living to memory, we keep them in our hearts and cherish every moment we shared.

Our final farewell is one of the many necessary steps we take to adjust to this new situation.

As a Celebrant, I take meticulous care in creating personal and bespoke ceremonies for loved ones, just the way they would want it to be.

How Can I Help?

I have over 20 years of experience helping families at this challenging time.

I pride myself on my listening skills, capturing the tiniest of details. 

Your stories, tales and wishes will be taken on board to create a unique and beautiful ceremony that reflects and captures your dearly departed’s beliefs, values and spirit, in a way he or she wished to be remembered. 

The service can be anything you want; if you want a religious tone, then that is no problem. 

Or perhaps you would prefer something more spiritual or interfaith- again; this is no problem either.

I ultimately aim to help you and your family create a service you feel is a befitting tribute to your loved one, and one he or she would have wished for.

Pet Memorial Services

As adults, the loss of a pet is a very significant event in our lives and is something that we prefer to keep from our thoughts. While they are with us, we do our utmost to enhance their quality of life, and a proper funeral is a befitting next step for us to take on their behalf.

I can help you by creating a service which may include prayers or poetry, readings and even symbolic rituals (planting a tree, lighting a candle or installing a commemorative sculpture). I am happy to conduct the funeral ceremony, and/or a blessing at your home for the commemorative rituals.

How Can I Help?

Pets are often much loved family members and their loss causes much grief but it can be difficult to find a way to suitably mark their passing. A simple memorial ceremony can help express the value they have brought to your family and the love you feel for them.

Losing a pet can also be the first bereavement that children experience and I can help you create a celebration of the pets life that will assist them in understanding this next step in life.

The ceremony may incorporate the scattering of the pet's ashes or use symbolic acts like the lighting of candles. You may want to incorporate poetry and music, prayers or readings from any tradition and possibly use the placing of a memorial or the planting of a tree to help mark the occasion.

My role is to create a ceremony that will fulfill your needs and allow you to fully express your love and loss.

If you would like to discuss your service with me/Clive do not hesitate to contact me at prices from £150.


Cookie was a very central part of our family

Clive believes we share our lives with our animals and their death can be as significant as that of any human we have cared for. Clive fondly remembers the special ceremonies of his much-loved pets, it is important to pay tribute and say goodbye as we endeavour to heal.