A Wedding Elopement

What is A Wedding Elopement, Does the idea of a big wedding freak you out when all you want to do is marry the one you love? It sounds like you need an elopement celebrant

But hang on, isn’t an elopement when you run off to Vegas and Elvis does the marrying? Yes and no, It can be… it’s all about your love for each other.


  • Elopements can be anything from your home to the kitchen to hidden destinations in the middle of nowhere. on a beach on the Isle of  Man or a London

  • They can be short, no BS ceremonies or more extended heartfelt declarations.

  • There don’t have to be lots of guests.

  • As your celebrant can write a personalised ceremony for you, or you can just exchange your vows in your own way and your own words.

You’ve been to so many weddings done precisely the same way it’s hard to plan your own in a form and style that suits you. How would you even know what you can and can’t do? Or what to ask of your celebrant? They are pretty simple and the same for every single civil marriage celebrant; the legal aspect can cost as little as £57 at a local registry office in the UK, these are the exact steps regardless of whether it is a big, outlandish ceremony or a small intimate elopement. You have to sign the things, show the things and say the items to get married; the rest is up to you. In making your elopement unique.

How to find the Good Elopement Celebrant.

You find the one that is right for you, who has a vibe, style, and price and delivers the marriage ceremony the way you want it done.

As your elopement celebrant, I deliver:

  • Ceremonies that can run up to around 20-30 minutes (or as short as sweet as you like)

  • It is a fun, relatable ceremony all about the two of you.

  • Help writing vows (if you want to say them).

  • Unlimited online and phone communication for your Elopement Wedding.

  • Support for your unique ideas and decisions. 

  • A professional and enjoyable process.

  • With added extras as needed 

Beach Elopement Wedding

And my unique ability on the day to see things that need to be done, and do them. My passion is to make your day all that you want it to be and more, for the small part I play. Your special romantic day with a little magic and lots of love for your Elopement Wedding. 

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Happy Wedding DREAM MAKING